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On surface level, what we recognize as a “home design style” is a set of particular colour harmonies, typefaces and compositional styles. But on a higher level, design styles are composed of certain principles of what the goals of design are, together with the techniques for how to accomplish those goals.

Hot Home Interior Design Trends 2022

Hot Home Interior Design Trends
Hot Home Interior Design Trends (Source
  • Printed upholstery
  • Round and irregular mirrors
  • Fluted tiles in the bathroom
  • round glass pendant lights
  • Rounded edges in furniture
  • Large artwork in the living room

Things you have to Avoid in Home Interior Design Trends 2022

  • Grey is likely to take a backseat
  • bright pop of colours will be trending 
  • Very Peri will be the new colour on the block
  • people opt for easy to clean and fuss-free culinary experiences
  • modular kitchens are here to stay
  • Heavy and shiny accents will be replaced with minimalistic accents
  • sustainable furniture for a chic contemporary look

Open Space Designs

Home design trends
Open Space Design (Source

Homes will continue to be the place for get-togethers and hangouts. Because of that, you will see a lot of open layout designs ruling interior trends. There will be free and carefree design cues for homes ranging from open kitchens to open living areas. In order to make these open spaces feel more homely and warm, you can use a lot of personalized furnishings. 

There will a lot of user-centric furniture to fill open spaces, from multifunctional TV units to sectional sofas and purposeful crockery units. Open layout homes will witness many bright colours. Patterned rugs will also be used to make spacious areas feel warmer. 

Main features of Open Space Design are:

  • features a mixture of bright and vibrant colours
  • Glass partitions are prevalent in such spaces
  • Multifunctional furniture
Home living room interior with open space (Source

Crafts for Interior Design Trends

Design trends
Interior design with crafts (Source

There is an elevation in the artist in you after living with the pandemic for a while. Decorating your home with handicrafts, artistic works and decorous paintings will continue to be in trend for quite some time. These pieces are sure to be the showstopper in your home. If art and craft is just not your thing, you can buy them online.

Ways to add a crafty touch

  • DIY hanging planters
  • An accent wall with some textured wall painting
  • DIY handicraft pieces and wall hangers

Biophilic Designs

Biophilic interior Design (Source

It is quite natural that people will find ways to bring the outdoors into their homes. There will be a sharp rise in the popularity of Biophilic designs. Plants have a calming effect on your mind and body. They will be adding freshness to your home. They improve the air quality in your home. At the same time, plants help you stay connected to nature. So get ready to embrace nature.

Living room Interior decor with plants (Source

Some of the features of Biophilic Designs

  • Indoor plants
  • turn your  balcony into an urban jungle
  • hanging plants  
  • Opt for some sustainable furniture
  • Flora- and fauna-patterned fabrics and wallpaper
Home design trends
Biophilic interior decorations (Source

Now you know the trending home designs for the coming years. You can try them out and you can combine them with your ideas. You can use creative ideas and experiment with them. If you need assistance, reach out for professional help.

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