Glass Bricks – Part 3

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Glass bricks have been a popular choice for the past century. This is particularly in regions where the sun never stops shining but the need for privacy likewise remains unaltered. Glass bricks allow one to open up the space without sacrificing comfort or domestic seclusion. They are implemented within doorways as well as a constructed to serve as barriers between rooms.

Glass Bricks: Enjoy The Natural Light and Privacy

Showcase a Unique Ceiling Design Installation

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Line Your Bathroom and Shower Stall in Glass Block

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f your bathroom feels dark or small, adding glass blocks to your walls and doors can make it feel more open. Moreover, you can do this even if the glass joins another room. The texture of the blocks maintains the room’s privacy. At the same time, gives it a unique look. The shower surround also can feature glass blocks.

Construct a Bar Out of Glass Block

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You can construct a bar like this by combining individual pieces. On the other hand, you can find a designer and order the bar at the size you need. Then, you can top it with your favorite countertop material.

Incorporate Colored Blocks into Your Design

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Creative Retreat: Sea glass and exposed brick bathroom

While many designs incorporate clear blocks, you can add different colors for visual interest or to coordinate with your space.

Create a Unique Backsplash

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Glass blocks are thick and hard to break thus making them an excellent backsplash material. In addition, a block backsplash works well with a modern or retro kitchen.

Add a Curved Glass Block Shower to a Rustic Bathroom

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When you think of rustic design, glass doesn’t come to mind. In contrast, these designers show how a glass block shower surround can add a modern touch to an otherwise earthy room.


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