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You live in less space? You worry about having a garden around you? Well…. Let’s see how we can utilize what you have and do amazing gardening…

1. Utilize whatever open areas you can find in limited spaces

People living in small houses and studio apartments may face somewhat of a challenge when it comes to building home gardens. The limited space available in the house leaves the poor garden ideas out in the cold.

Gardening space
Gardening using maximum of limited space (Lettuce Grow, 2020)

You need not worry since we are going to discuss a few ideas on how to take advantage of the small spaces.

One such method is to consider using window boxes to create a small garden space just beyond the confines of your interiors. You can plant small vegetable plants, flower gardens, and herb gardens depending on your interest.

If there is a small space available outside your home, then consider planning a cottage garden or a small patio container garden. You can also use hanging baskets to suspend your potted plants from the ceiling. This way, you can keep plants securely out of the way.

2. Pay attention to the direction of your home garden

Most vegetable plants and flower beds need a constant supply of sun and rain to maintain their healthy growth. Therefore, regardless of whether you implement gardening ideas in the outdoor space or the indoor, you need to consider the requirements of the plants too.

Garden direction
Direction of the Garden (whatiswix, n.d.,)

When designing your home garden, consider the East side. From the east, the plants will receive ample sunlight from the break of dawn. This will assist the plants in photosynthesis and also, the plants will also produce better foliage, unspoiled fresh vegetables, and beautiful flowers and climbers.

You can water the plants. But it is necessary that your home garden receives enough natural light, wind, and stays away from extreme climatic conditions such as snow and sleet.

3. Choose indigenous plants and succulents along with vegetative varieties

Tt is ideal to use the opportunity of a home garden to purify the air in and around your house because of the highly polluted air around us.

rock garden
Herb Spiral – rock garden (Judd. M, 2021)

Indigenous plants, succulents, and rock gardens are excellent solutions to promote air purification and circulation. The carbon dioxide absorbed by these plants reduces the number of pollutants in the air. On the other hand, these plants easily adapt to the natural environment. Therefore, they grow comfortably while adding a splash of color and clean air to your home.

Rock gardens promote a healthy, moist atmosphere for the roots of your plants to grow. Consider adding these beauties to your garden design and observe how healthily, quickly, and generously these plants grow and yield.

Vegetable gardens and herb gardens are still good options to cultivate your very own supply. If you have the garden space to plant them, then include a rock garden and succulents around the vegetable garden in order to promote generous harvests.

4. Consider a vertical garden

This option is for you, if you live in a tall apartment building with zero access to ground soil.

Vertical gardens have gained quite a reputation in recent years. These garden design ideas include creepers and climbers that ornately decorate the balcony garden or small outdoor space near the living room window. A wide variety of modular trellis are also being used nowadays.

vertical gardening
Vertical gardening (Xanadu Organic Gardens, n.d.,,)

These innovative gardening hacks also include vegetative plants and flora that add color as well as provide for the needs of the household. You will need vegetated mat walls, plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, melons, radishes, etc., and trellises around which the plants can grow in a vertical direction.

5. A kitchen garden is an innovative solution

If you want to grow vegetable plants and have a herb garden in your small space, then perhaps growing these plants in a kitchen garden is your best possible solution. It is where you will need these herbs, and seasoning, so might as well keep them closer to the kitchen area.

Kitchen garden
Gardening in kitchen (kitchenstudioofnaples., n.d.,)

If you live in a high-rise building, you can use container gardening techniques in window boxes. However, if you have a small garden space beyond the kitchen, then consider a small door to the garden area. Otherwise, simply plant the veggies and herbs in the small patio beside the kitchen door. Convert the kitchen into a prolific, self-sufficient space for all your cooking needs.

Home gardening can be fun and rather satisfying when you know how to go about it. The gardening ideas mentioned above can be easily implemented in any home for extraordinary results.

Your imagination can take you through a beautiful journey if you take the effort to make it happen. You can definitely create this bond between you and nature, while utilizing the produce effectively, if you talk to the right professionals. If you get information and get guidance through the right sites, your home will be a dream home!!! 

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