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Iga on Twitter (Source Twitter)

Environmentally friendly houses to inspire you

Eco-friendly archives
Eco-friendly archives (Source Designer Lotus)
Nice Japanese meets west coast inspired timber frame
Nice Japanese meets west coast inspired timber frame (Source Pinterest)

When you try to picture environmentally friendly houses, you might visualize an old-fashioned cabin in the woods.  On the other hand, you might imagine a tiny, grass-covered house nestled into the landscape.

Eco Houses
Eco Houses (Source Pinterest)

The sustainable homes of the future will come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. In addition, some might be the nature-loving cabins we’ve described. At the same time, many will be innovative, everyday city homes. 

(Source Your Mortgage)
(Source Your Mortgage)

Sometimes, you’d like an eco-house of your own. Or you just want to learn more about homes of the future. Nevertheless, you keep reading for ideas and inspiration. 

Hobbit Hall New Zealand
Hobbit hole with yellow door (Source Wikimedia Commons)

Environmentally Friendly Houses – What is an “eco” house?

An eco-house is designed to have as little impact on our planet as possible. In other words, it’s an environmentally friendly house. 

Muldersdrift Accommodation
Muldersdrift Accommodation (Source Weekenedgetaways)

Burning fossil fuels to power and heat our homes is affecting climatic changes. On the other hand, eco-friendly homes are all about using renewable energy sources. In addition, they are about being energy-efficient, and using natural materials. 

The ultimate eco friendly house
The ultimate eco friendly house (Source The Idealist)
Alternative housing
Alternative housing (Source Homedit)

Environmentally Friendly Houses – Alternative housing

Eco-friendly home design in Toronto
Eco-friendly home design in Toronto (Source Trendir)

There can be many different features to consider when it comes to making a house more environmentally friendly. But there are 3 key elements.

Sustainable materials

Eco building materials revolutionizing home construction
Eco building materials revolutionizing home construction (Source Elemental Green)

A real eco-friendly house is a construction built from sustainably sourced and natural materials. The best option is to use reclaimed or recycled materials. In other words, creating something new from scratch takes much more energy as well as time.

Wood and lime are commonly used. These build the timber frames of eco-houses. 

House with Greenery
House with Greenery (Source Pinterest)

Straw bales are often used in eco-house buildings. This is mainly since they’re brilliant for insulation. Bamboo is also great. Trees can take decades to mature. In contrast, bamboo is plentiful, and it grows quickly too.

Eco friendly homes built with recycled material
Eco friendly homes built with recycled material (Source Green Diary)

Greener central heating

Eco friendly central Heating
Eco friendly central Heating (Source Blue and Green tomorrow)

As you are aware, renewable electricity is vital for an eco-friendly home. You might choose to sign up to a greener energy supplier. As a result, your home will get 100% renewable electricity as standard. These will be from sources like wind, sunshine, and tidal energy.

Solar panels and solar energy systems
Solar panels and solar energy systems (Source Energis)

Some eco homes have the capacity and ability to generate their own electricity. The most popular way of doing this is by using solar panels. These should be used preferably on a south-facing roof. On the other hand, if you live in a windy part of the country, you can opt for a domestic wind turbine. Both methods are sustainable sources of energy. At the same time, they reduce the carbon footprint of the homes that use them.

Small wind Turbines
Small wind Turbines (Source Quirky Forum)

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