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The fall is the busiest time of year for your front door when more people are more likely to visit than any of the other seasons. Lots of people will be looking at your front door this fall, from trick-or-treaters to Thanksgiving guests to (hopefully) delivery people bringing presents for the holidays. You might be tempted to just hang up your standard fall wreath but hold off until you check out these creative door decorations for the season.

Chalkboard Wreath Festive Fall Door Decorations

door decorations
Chalkboard Wreath as festive door decorations (Source

If you find a good piece of furniture at a yard sale, you can paint it with chalkboard paint to turn it into a seasonal piece of decor. Just reword the greeting and add things that fit the season, like holly in the winter or flowers in the spring.

Metallic Accents

Metallic Accents as festive door decorations (Source

If you want to add some autumnal flair to your front porch, hanging a wreath is the way to go. Not to mention how simple it is. Whether you want to go all out with a traditional harvest wreath or keep it simple with an elegant seasonal wreath, this is the one for you.

Paper Wreath Festive Fall Door Decorations

Paper wreath
Paper wreath wall decorations (Source

Choose a wreath like the one depicted here that may be displayed year-round. The fake paper leaves in a harvest hue make it perfect for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. Don’t forget to spruce up your stairs!

White Wreath

White wreath (Source

Making a wreath out of popcorn can give your home an autumnal look, and it can be a lot of fun to do as a craft project in the afternoon. White flowers or dry plants will also create a similar ethereal atmosphere. Adding pampas grass to the front porch took the autumn door decorations to the next level.

Dried Floral Hanging

Dried floral hanging for doors (Source

Instead of a wreath, hang a garland or a simple dried fall floral hanging on your front door like the one seen in the picture. You may also forego the wreath altogether. They are also quite simple to make on one’s own.

Metal wreath Door Decorations

Metal wreath decors (Source

Using dried hydrangeas as part of a floral wreath made from metallic blooms is an eco-friendly method to repurpose summer flowers for the winter. The welcome mat is a great way to unify the soft orange and lavender tones.

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