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At a dining table, you are coming together as a family or a group. Its furniture facilitates conversations over food and drink. Because of these reasons, people are finding different ways and designs to incorporate furniture designs into homes. 

The dining room table that began just as a separate, square piece of furniture was removed from our living room some time back. Now it has become a versatile furniture piece. Below are a few best table designs that will suit your home, depending on your needs and your home’s design aesthetics and most of all, your taste and preference.

1.    Pick a Square Wooden Dining Table Design

Square Wooden Dining Table
Square Wooden Dining Table (Source Home Decor Ideas)

Square plywood dining table designs have been in the limelight since forever. They were originally meant as a separate space to hold dinnerware and for meals with your family. But now, they’ve come to align with the design and decor of homes. The square tables are available in wood, glass and metal. They are also used as workspaces for entertaining and hobby nooks. The size of this table depends on the size of your room, fitting into the most confined areas. Wrought iron and steel are also popular while wood is often the material of choice.

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2.    A Folding Dining Table Design

Foldable furniture design
Foldable furniture design (Source

The drop or foldable dining table design is comparatively a newer design. But, it is becoming increasingly popular. This is ideal for tables that have to accommodate different numbers of people from time to time. Converting a four-seater to six, making it concise and small when not in use, are some options for this expandable table. Many homes, especially apartments, are more interested about this design. They are available in wood. They are simpler in design. Moreover, they are just as sturdy and look smart and beautiful.

3.    A Circular Dining Table Design

Circular Dining Table Design
Circular Dining Table Design (Source bocadolobo)

A popular small table design is circular and it is supported by a central base. Round tables add refined aesthetics to a place especially when designed in glass. It’s easy to seat several people because of its’ shape. It fits into any kind of corner space including kitchen design with dining table. It also merges into the design of older homes. Round wooden tables with triangular bases work well too but better when paired with simile wood-toned kitchens.

4.    A Marble Round Dining Table Design

Marble Round Dining Table Design
Marble Round Dining Table Design (Source diningroomsset)

In its simplicity and subtleness, there’s a sheen to marble that is unparalleled, adding up to sophistication. Marble is one of the most-bought dining table materials mostly in circular and rectangular shapes. The marble table design is subtly elegant although it needs more care. Its’ texturing plays up the design and complements any home. It also blends well with wood or metal. Furthermore, there are many different colors to choose from.

5.    Geometrical Modern Table Design

Geometrical Modern Dining Table Design
Geometrical Modern Dining Table Design (Source room service 360)

Rarer than the other common shapes, for their unusual looks and aesthetics triangle dining tables are pulling in homeowners. Even though they seat more people, they can be quite space-occupying. But these are definitely head turners when guests visit a home. In addition, they can be as small, as or as large as you’d like.

6.    Rectangular Contemporary Design

Rectangular Contemporary Dining Table Design
Rectangular Contemporary Dining Table Design (Source home-designing)

Oblong tables have no limit to the materials used or designs. They are available in minimalist designs, carved, ornate or simply elegant. Their versatility lies in how much they can hold as well as what use they can be put to.

7.    Conveniently Foldable Simple Dining Table Design

Foldable desk
Simple Foldable desk (Source Walmart)

Foldable tables are a new entrant in dining tables. These beauties are out of sight when not in use, and convenient as a quick arrangement. They are simple, easy to use, can be fixed to the wall and are perfect for small homes, hallways and corners. Especially if the home doesn’t have separate dining, these foldable tables are very practical. Ergonomic and functional is the best way to describe them.

More Tips….

Defined By Purpose

Dining tables
Dining tables with defined purpose (Source

Dining tables are the most used and abused furniture in the home. Often with absolutely no rest in the work they do, they are always being overused. During day and night their use ensures the constant lifting, wiping, cleansing and sanitizing of material and utensils. The design, material and the shape of these table sets are therefore relevant depending on their purpose.

Purely Functional, Less Form

Less Form table
Less Form table (Source homestratosphere)

If your intention is its use, dining tables of any shape, size or form will do the work. But you need to remember facts like sturdiness, longevity, wear and tear. Solid wooden bases coated with waterproof varnish and in rectangular designs work really well compared to other designs.

Purely Look, Not Function

Display furniture designs
Display furniture design (Source homedit)

If the purpose of your dining table is to match with the home’s design and décor, glass, chrome and marble look beautiful and can be great additions to the home. Nevertheless, you need to consider you’re budget before making your choice.

Purely Practical, Never Over-The-Top

When we talk about anything for that matter, practicality is subjective. What may be ornate for you may be very functional to someone else. In small apartments and homes of today, the owners opt for a basic four-seater table that doubles up as utensil holder, homework space, hobby nook and more. It is practical and easy to start from there and gradually move on to a bigger or a more complicated design.

The best dining table designs for your home are therefore not defined by the money you spend on them, or how stylish they look. The best design for a piece of furniture is a design that will combine all the family’s needs.

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