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for the Newly Married

Decorating the bedroom becomes all the more special when you are newly married. On the other hand, they get some space to spend quality time with each other. At the same time, this gives an opportunity to build that special connection and bond.

Decorating Ideas
Decorating Ideas (Source
Bedroom plant ideas
Bedroom plant ideas (Source The Sleep Judge)
Bedding Set
Bedding Set (Source eBay)
Bedding designs
Bedding designs (Source Tumblr)

Every couple wishes to have balance in life. Hence, a well-balanced room décor can go a long way in helping them achieve that balance. Moreover, it will assist them to establish that balance in their own lives. The most basic factors to keep in mind while decorating the room are:

  • Functionality
  • Decor
  • Romance
Luxury Bedroom
Luxury Bedroom (Source CrushPixel)

Decorating the Bedroom – Add a sofa, chair or couch

Decorating suggestions for newly married couples
Decorating suggestions for newly married couples (Source Bomonti)

When you have a larger room that has more space, you can get creative with space. Then, you can incorporate a sofa, chair or a couch. Having an extra chair or sofa which can place at least two people will help you to relax. At the same time, you can have a meaningful conversation in the bedroom too. You can also add a coffee table to the room. This will allow you to relax and chat over a cup of coffee.

Bedroom Ideas for newlyweds
Bedroom Ideas for newlyweds (Source Design Corral)

It is also helpful when people come to your room. They can relax in the seating area rather than hopping straight onto the bed.

Attractive storage when Decorating the Bedroom

Rustic Barn house bedrooms
Rustic Barn house bedrooms (Source MorningChores)

The clutter in your bedroom takes up any extra space. Therefore, you need to get rid of that. Instead of putting all of the items you need at the moment throughout your bedroom, you can put them all in a particular space. You can have a cupboard or bed storage that’s meant for things you don’t need to use at present.

Gorgeous Beautiful Wall bookshelves
Gorgeous Beautiful Wall bookshelves (Source Pinterest)

You can choose a basket or a box which will complement the theme of your room. You can use it for all the miscellaneous items like keys, change or even your wallet which you don’t know where to put.

Saving space in the room

Having adequate pace is a huge issue for newlywed couples. Therefore, there are certain tips to optimize the existing space in your room, which you can use.

  1. You can replace a king size bed with a queen size bed – save your cost as well space.
Queen size bedroom furniture
Queen size bedroom furniture (Source

2. Add a chest of drawers in the room – store different items (bed linen, shoes, accessories, etc.)

Furniture (Source Furniture Max)

3. Add shelves – to make your walls more interesting, and a good way to arrange all the books and artwork

Romantic shelves
Romantic shelves (Source Pinterest)

4. You can add wardrobes with a sliding shutter – help to save the space in the bedroom.

Sliding Wardrobe door ideas
Sliding Wardrobe door ideas (Source Ideal Home)

5. You can add large mirrors – make the room look more spacious. 

New and best bedroom mirror designs
New and best bedroom mirror designs (Source Pinterest)

Decorating the Bedroom with the bed as the focal point

Master Bedrooms
Master Bedrooms (Source Sherry Coppel Design)

Normally the centre-piece of every bedroom is the bed. The bed radiates sensuality and romance in the room. You can get creative by choosing an interesting headboard that will bring some appeal to your bed. At the same time, you can experiment with soft colors for three of the walls and try something warmer and bolder for the wall behind the bed. That will be a great way to create an accent.

New Bedroom design
New Bedroom design (Source Pinterest)

You can also add luxurious linens. These will provide a large amount of comfort and attractiveness. Your bed can really stimulate the senses combined with a plush blanket, a couple of decorative pillows and a soft throw.

Get creative with accessories when Decorating the Bedroom

Romantic bedrooms ideas
Romantic bedrooms ideas (Source Pinterest)

Any room décor is incomplete and dull without accessories. You can experiment with many different things. These include items such as wall hangings and artistic paintings in order to enhance the beauty of the room. You can also fill up your dresser with perfumes and cosmetics. This will add some flavor to the room. Furthermore, by adding a small vase, you can help to brighten the room.

Bedroom candlelight stock photos
burning candles and eucalyptus in vase in white bedroom

a)    Bed-sheet and pillow covers:

Marble patterned printed bedding
Marble patterned printed bedding (Source AliExpress)

Your bedroom is the place where you begin and end your day. If you are looking for something fresh and comfortable you can add dreamy pastel shaded bed-sheets and pillow covers. These soft color palettes are truly pleasing to the eyes.

b)    Wall clock:

Decorative wall clock
Decorative wall clock (Source Walmart)

You can add some color to the bare walls of the room. This can be done by adding an attractive wall clock. A clock doesn’t necessarily have to be boring and old fashioned. It can also be more attractive by choosing different patterns and designs.

c)    Lamp:

Romantic warm lighting
Romantic warm lighting (Source AliExpress)

You might be someone who loves to read in bed. In contrast, your partner might be sensitive to bright light. In such instances, you can get a soft light for your nightstand which will aid your reading. At the same time, it will work as a mood setter for romantic couples who love a little mood lighting.

d)     Photo frame:

Bedroom photo collage
Bedroom photo collage (Source Pinterest)

When you have finished an amazing wedding, you can’t wait to do the house with those memorable moments. You can add some beautiful photo frames. These will help you relieve the nostalgia of your precious wedding memories. Thus, they will bring a smile to your face every time you see it.

Romantic, amazing bedroom décor
Romantic, amazing bedroom décor (Source AliExpress)

So, go ahead and design the most comfortable and smartly designed room to have an outstanding time with your loved one.

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