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The Best Colours to Refresh Your Home

Decorating for Summer is a vibrant, energetic and a beautiful experience. Summer is the best time to leave all the monotonous color behind and add vibrancy to your home. There is no need for you to make significant changes. All you need is a few simple decorative touches in bright colors to do the trick. Here, we feature a selection of stylish colors. They will really refresh your home!

Decorating for Summer – Orange

Orange is a dynamic color. It can inject a dose of energy into any space. As an example, when you paint the entry door orange, it is an excellent way to spruce up the curb appeal for summer. You can opt for a bold area rug. It will anchor the living room setting. However, you have to be cautious when implementing this energizing color. Sometimes, orange in the bedroom can disrupt the serene atmosphere.

Decorating for Summer – Coral

Coral is a charming color. It is a reminiscent of summer and the sea. You can use coral for your headboard which will add a pop of color to the bedroom. When you use navy as well, it becomes the best match for this bright color. It creates a vivid ambience with a coastal vibe.

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue is vibrant enough to fit the summer spirit. It is one of the most popular color choices for the season. You can start with small steps if you don’t feel confident enough to play with color. Outdoor seating area can be enhanced with fluffy throws in this gorgeous blue hue. Furthermore, you can explore all the different options, like using it in your dining area, once you grasp the use of this color.


Yellow is a perfect accent color. It makes neutral furnishings stand out. For a gorgeous pop of color, pair with contrasting blue. 

Light Grey

This versatile color choice can fit in a wide range of styles. Besides, it can be paired with warm colors for a pleasing visual touch. In addition, light grey is an ideal choice for you if you don’t feel like experimenting with cold colors. In addition, when you paint your walls in light grey, it will make your home feel renewed.

Sky Blue

Sky blue is a lovely bright color. In other words, it is a color that feels calm and soothing. Therefore, it would make an excellent choice. Especially for creating a focal point in your bedroom, sky blue would be a beautiful choice.

Lime Green

When the neutral furniture doesn’t fit the summer spirit, try adding some lime accents to a space. Simultaneously, you can use a lime area rug which anchors the cozy seating area, making it feel more intimate. Furthermore, for a balanced look, you can add more glamour through artwork and throw rugs in the same color. 

Hot Pink

Hot pink brings a tropical vibe. At the same time, it is capable of introducing boldness. You can add a furniture piece which makes a striking statement and complete with matching small details throughout the room for harmony.


Navy is a popular color choice for the summer. At the same time, it brings a marine vibe to your home. In addition, this color is a moody neutral. Similarly, navy is flexible enough to fit many different color schemes. Likewise, an accent wall colored in navy makes a bold statement. In addition, you can add a white dining table to make it stand out. 

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