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No doubt about it, solar is a hot topic right now. Whether you’re looking to go green or simply want to save some money on your energy bill, adding solar panels to your home is a smart move. But before you jump into this expensive project, there are some things you should know about solar mounting. Avoiding these common mistakes can help keep your costs down and ensure that your solar installation goes smoothly. So, what are the top mistakes to avoid when it comes to solar mounting?

Not hiring a professional solar mounting company

Solar mounting is the process of installing solar panels on your roof. They can to provide the optimal amount of sun exposure for your solar panels. It can also protect your roof from weather damage while doing so. These systems can be a complex and technical process. Therefore, it is important to hire a professional solar mount installer to ensure that your solar panel system is installed correctly.

A professional solar mount installer have the knowledge and experience to properly install your solar panel system. Moreover, they will be able to identify and avoid any potential installation mistakes that could damage your roof or solar panels. By hiring a professional solar mount installer, you can rest assured that your solar panel system will be installed correctly and that your roof will be protected from any potential damage.

Installing the mounts incorrectly

Installing solar panels is a big investment, and you want to make sure that your solar mounting is done correctly to get the most out of your investment. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of incorrect solar panel installation, which can lead to costly repairs or even replacement. One of the biggest mistakes is not level solar mounts. It is very important that your solar mounts are level to ensure that your solar panels are receiving the most direct sunlight possible.

If your solar mounts are not level, it can cause your solar panels to be less efficient and could potentially void your warranty. Another common mistake is not using the proper bonding agent when installing solar mounts. Bonding agents help to create a strong bond between the solar panel and the mount. This helps to prevent movement and damage. By not using a bonding agent, you run the risk of your solar panels coming loose. It could lead to breakage or other damage.

Finally, make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when installing solar mounts. Every solar panel and every mount are different. Therefore, it is important to read the instructions and follow them exactly to avoid any damage or problems.

Choosing the wrong type of mount for your home or business

It is important to choose the right type of mount to ensure a stable and secure connection. There are several different types of solar mounts available on the market, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The wrong type of mount can result in damage to the solar panels, increased installation costs, and reduced energy production. As such, it is important to consult with a solar professional to determine the best type of mount for your specific installation. With the right mount in place, you can be confident that your solar panels will perform as expected for years to come.

Failing to take weather conditions into account

Failing to take weather conditions into account is another costly mistake to avoid when it comes to solar mounting. Solar panels are exposed to the elements. Extreme weather conditions can damage the panels or cause them to become less efficient. For example, high winds can loosen the panels or break them outright. However, heavy snowfall can block sunlight from reaching the panels.

Solar installers should always check the forecast before starting work and be prepared to adjust the mountings accordingly. In some cases, it may be necessary to delay the installation until weather conditions improve. By taking the time to plan ahead, solar installers can help ensure that the panels are properly installed and protected from the harshest weather conditions.

Skimping on materials or not using high-quality products

Skimping on materials or not using high-quality products is also a must-avoid mistake when mounting your solar panel. It’s important to use durable and weatherproof materials for your solar panel system so that it lasts for many years. Solar panels are a big investment, so you want to make sure they stay in good condition for as long as possible.

By avoiding these costly mistakes, you can ensure that your solar panel system will be a wise investment for years to come.

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