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Coloured tiles have the capacity to add a huge amount of warmth and character to any home. They are generally the place to explore really dense, exotic designs. In addition, they add some much-needed accent colour to a room. On the other hand, tiles are so difficult to remove if they aren’t quite right. At the same time, a subtle design can look surprisingly strong when it covers a large space. Therefore, you need to be careful with regard to your final decision.

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Tiny Floral Floor Tiles Design

Flower style Tiles | Colourful Tiles | Bathroom Tiles | Kitchen Tiles …

The size of the design can make a big impact in a large space. Hence, a pretty small floral design like this looks great when teamed with plain walls. Simultaneously, the walls make for a nice calm counterpoint to the business of the floor design.

A Half Wall with Moroccan Flourish

Moroccan Tile Backsplash Bathroom : Tile By Style Passport To A …

The dense intricacy of Arabic tile designs can easily overwhelm a space.

Coloured Tiles to add Energy to the Corridors

Plain White Paris Apartment Receives Sophisticated Makeover | NONAGON … Pinterest

A bold geometric tile design adds a lot of energy to any room. In particularly helpful in a hallway or corridor. That is since hallways are generally best left quite clear of furnishings and can easily feel a bit empty. 

 A Decorative Feature Wall

Inspire My Interior: Interior Wall Ideas: #4 Tiles
Don’t want to use borders as an accent? Have a tile party with 3 … Pinterest

Some tile designs are just so beautiful. Therefore, you may just want to add them in a small area to create a little feature wall. Neutral or earth-coloured hues are a good choice. This is because they often work in with the base colours in many modern homes.

Style Up the Stairs

Up! Up! And away we go! Let’s ascend up these colorful tiled steps that …

Stairways, like hallways and corridors, often need to be kept quite clear of decorations. Hence, this is where coloured tiles can come in handy. Often all you need to do is tile up the riser on the stair that the stairs will have that extra boost.

Coloured tiles – A Dash of Formality with a Strong Border Pattern

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Black and White Checkerboard Tiles

Clad in black and white geometric floor tiles, this stunning dining …
Modern living room decoration, finished with 4″ black white forest … Pinterest

Classic Rustic Red English-Style Terrace

Pin van Yvonne Harrigan op GARDENING.. | Tuintegels, Straatstenen … Pinterest

Coloured tiles – A Bold Turquoise Colour Statement

Welcome 2020 | Turquoise wall tiles, Tile bathroom, Feature wall


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