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Office false ceiling
Office false ceiling (Source Housing)

Beautiful ceiling designs can make a big impact on the overall look. Similarly, they can highlight the feel of a room. Ceiling designs come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, it’s important to create one that matches your preferred decorating style. You can either go for a classic look. Or, you can try something more contemporary and modern. But, it’s important to make sure that the design is appropriate for the space. Furthermore, it should match your other decorating choices. 

Interior, home, dream house
Interior, home, dream house (Source Pinterest)

Types of Ceiling Designs 

According to many interior designers, creating a ceiling design is like creating a fifth wall.  

There are many great options out there for modern ceiling designs. This is both in large homes and small spaces. Here are just a few examples: 

Beautiful dining rooms with coffered ceilings
Beautiful dining rooms with coffered ceilings (Source

Tray Ceiling Designs

Master bedroom designs
Master bedroom designs (Source Pinterest)

A tray ceiling resembles a large upside-down tray. This is set into the ceiling of a room. This type of ceiling can be used to add extra visual interest to a room. At the same time, it creates an illusion of height in the living space. If you want your living spaces to look like they have high ceilings, this is a great choice. 

Cathedral Ceilings

Interior design ideas
Interior design ideas (Source Home Bunch)

A cathedral ceiling features straight sides. They slope upward to match the shape of a roof’s pitch. Thus, it is unlike a vaulted ceiling.  

Both sloping sides are symmetrical. Also, they are parallel to the pitch of the roof. This is unlike a curved or irregularly shaped ceiling. 

Lodge cathedral ceilings
Lodge cathedral ceilings (Source Pinterest)

Beam Ceiling Designs

Exposed Beam Ceiling Ideas
Exposed Beam Ceiling Ideas (Source

Heavier, load-bearing beams, visible in the interior of the space provide visual variation from the rest of the room. On the other hand, ceiling designs that use lighter, more open beams can help to tie the space together. Hence, they make it feel more open and inviting. 

Integrating Beam ceilings to your kitchen
Integrating Beam ceilings to your kitchen (Source

Coffered Ceilings

Coffered ceiling ideas
Coffered ceiling ideas (

A coffered ceiling is a classic, luxurious option. At the same time, it can be found in high-end homes, churches, libraries, and hotels. On the other hand, they require specialist installation and are more expensive than other options. They add a lot of texture and color to a ceiling design and make a room feel bigger. 

Amazing coffered ceiling designs
Amazing coffered ceiling designs (Source

There are so many designs and ideas to select from. You need be aware of the theme, the pattern and your need too. In other words, you need to live your dream. The experts will assist you to make it a reality. 

Bathroom with black ceiling
Bathroom with black ceiling (Source Decoist)

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