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Tiny House Image courtesy of Pinterest

Buying a tiny house is still rising in popularity. The reason is it offers so many advantages. A smaller house will save you money. It tends to cost much less. At the same time, it comes with lower maintenance fees.

The compact set up of a tiny house.
Courtesy of Media Biltrax
Compact set up of a small house – Image courtesy of Media Biltrax

This post brings out the advantages of buying a tiny home Simultaneously, it is talking about the disadvantages of owning a tiny home as well. Furthermore, we will share some valuable tips and tricks for maximising your storage space. 

Effective planning – image courtesy of Tiny House Plans

Pros of a small house

  • Buying a small house can cost much less than a standard one.
  • You will pay less for maintenance.
  • Since it is with less square footage, taking care of your house is more straightforward.
  • It can be purchased without a large mortgage (and in some cases, without a mortgage at all). 
Positive living in tiny houses – Image courtesy of Brightly Eco

Cons of a tiny space

With less living space available, you have certain limitations. These are especially regarding the design and functionality.

  • A tiny home is ideal for two people. As a result, the house likely won’t provide privacy.
  • On the other hand, it won’t have enough space to accommodate large families. 
Tiny Home on the move – Image courtesy of Pinterest

A tiny house won’t easily accommodate your guests if you love entertaining at home. You won’t have a kitchen large enough to prepare food for many people. At the same time, you won’t have a large seating area where everyone can gather. 

Tiny Home on the move – Image courtesy of Pinterest

These houses are tiny. But, they might cost more per square foot. It is considered more complicated to build a small house. Hence the cost could be higher than you might initially guess. At the same time, expect higher prices for furniture. Instead of the standard furnishings available in stores, custom options that fit the exact dimensions may have to be used.

Interior ideas – Image courtesy of Living in a Tiny

When you move from a standard house to a tiny one, you will have to downsize. Your sofa might not fit in the new living room. Similarly, your kitchen might not be large enough for your appliances. Therefore, you will need to get rid of many of your belongings.

Trendy furniture ideas – Image courtesy of Home Designing

Keeping a small space tidy obviously is quite challenging. Even if you have to downsize to the bare necessities, a small space might provide you for your needs. You can utilize so many hacks to help you maximize the storage space. You can use every single inch of the available space.

Storage solutions – Image courtesy of Pinterest

Likewise, you can implement practical storage solutions. On the other hand, you can consider under-stair storage, adding drawers for shoes, toys, or sports equipment. Furthermore, you can even fit a kitchen pantry in the small space which is under the stairs. Moreover, you can use the vertical space and install open shelving for storage. 

Storage ideas – Image courtesy of Home Designing

It is better to go for multi-functional pieces that serve a double purpose when choosing furniture. You can opt for seating with built-in storage drawers, which will provide you plenty of space to tuck away any clutter. In the kitchen, if you don’t have enough room for cabinets and cupboards, you can hang some of the pots and utensils. Displaying your pots adds charm to the kitchen. 

Storage Ideas – Image courtesy of The Tiny Housing

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