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English Gardens (Source Etsy)

Popular Brick Patterns to Consider

Brick path patterns and ideas have inspired many and have existed for centuries. These are still being utilised by designers since the picture they paint and the antique appearance they create is unique.

Pin on Gardens
Pin on Gardens (Source Pinterest)


This zigzag pattern creates a formal look. At the same time, adapting this to a slight curve is possible. Nevertheless, it requires several cuts along the perimeter.

Brick path 3
Brick path 3 (Source This old house)
Walkway inspiration ideas
Walkway inspiration ideas (Source Pinterest)
Pavestone Holland (Source Pinterest)

Brick Path Patterns – Spanish Bond

Four outer bricks form a square, Then, that encases a half-brick to cover 1 square foot. Hence the outer square must make 90-degree angles to fit the half-brick, the pattern is difficult to adapt to a curve.

Brick pathe 04
Brick path 04 (Source Don Penny/Time Inc. digital Studio)
Garden Pathway Ideas
Garden Pathway Ideas (Source godiygo)

Basket Weave Pattern

In this pattern, pairs of bricks alternate to create a woven appearance. On a straight path, this pattern only requires cutting to fit at each end. On the other hand, on a curve you may have fanning gaps. Thus requiring you to put in extra time with a chisel or saw.

Brick Path 02
Brick Path 02 (Source This old House)
Landscaping around storm shelter
Landscaping around storm shelter (Source Pinterest)
Double Basket View, Full Patio (Source Pinterest)

Running Bond Pattern

Bricks are butted end to end with joints. They fall in the middle of the brick on the next row. This is one of the sturdiest and easiest patterns to install. At the same time, the running bond only requires minimal cutting at each end and will easily follow a gentle curve.

Brick Path 01
Brick Pathe 01 (Source This Old House)
Curved-paver-path-to-house (Source My coffee pot)
Curved-paver-path-to-house (Source Pinterest)

Diagonal and Diagonal Herringbone

Turning the running bond on a 45-degree angle will accentuate a curve nicely. Hence, this may look simple to put down. But every interior brick that abuts the edging will need to be custom-cut to fit.

Brick Path 05
Brick Path 05 (Source This Old House)
Brick-Walkway-Showcase-North-Virginia (Source
Gorgeous brick pathway
Gorgeous brick pathway (Source Pinterest)

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