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We’ll be the first to admit that getting out of a warm bed first thing in the morning isn’t always the most appealing option However, a well-designed bedroom can help. Because of the effects of bedroom colors and lighting, there is compelling evidence that a colorful bedroom improves one’s mood. Here are a few gorgeous examples of colorful bedrooms that you’ll want to imitate. Whether you want to add color with paint, bedding, or artwork, you’ll find inspiration in the stunning examples of colorful bedrooms below.

1.    Go for Bright Red Accents

Bedroom colors
Bedroom interior with bright red accents (Source Pinterest)

Consider giving your room a makeover by painting the walls bright white and adding bold red accents to the bedding, artwork, and floors. The high-impact combination that Anthony Baretta used in this bedroom is all the convincing that is necessary.

2. Try Bubble Gum Pink

Bedroom colors, bubble gum pink walls (Source Doruk Spices)

Too outrageous? No such thing. To paint one’s bedroom bright bubblegum pink is a pretty bold move, as most of us can agree. We think a room painted bubblegum pink is a great way to convey a sense of vitality and youth.

3. Coral is an absolute must-try!!!

Bedroom colors
Coral paint for bedrooms (Source Pinterest)

The color coral shines with happiness like nothing else. In this bedroom by Nicky Kehoe, it picks up the bright colors in the gallery wall, while the darker gray trim picks up the cooler neutral colors in the bedding and accents. Under direct light, it looks brighter, but in softer or less direct light, it looks like terra cotta.

4. Keep Peach in mind!

Peach color for bedrooms
Peach as one of the bedroom colors (Source Pinterest)

The black and white wall art in this Scandinavian studio really pops against the peachy pink walls. The jute rug and linen bedding in oat tones, however, echo that softness. When you want to surprise your audience with a bold color combination, try pairing blush pink with steel blue or even bright red.

5. And why not Terracotta?

Bedroom colors
Terracotta color for bedroom (Source Sơn SeaNex)

The guest bedroom in this Canadian townhouse is decorated with warm terracotta walls. The room’s monotony is broken up by a large, eye-catching piece of artwork. Even though brown isn’t typically thought of as a bedroom color, this cozy nook makes a compelling case for it. The fact that it’s so out of the ordinary makes it great for colorists who want to try something new but aren’t fans of neon and pastels.

6. Chocolate Brown

Bedroom colors
Chocolate colors for bedroom interior (Source House Beautiful)

This shade of brown is more soothing than stimulating because it contains less of the red clay undertone than the paint in the previous room. As a designer, Fiona Lynch agreed that it would look great in a bedroom. She painted with Dulux’s Rich Biscuit and added some unexpected touches for a truly unique look.

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