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25 Fantastic Window Design Ideas for Your Home

Beautiful windows – When you fit the window properly, it will help keep out drafts. At the same time, it ensures that your home is well-ventilated. Similarly, a window can keep cold air in and hot air out. Thus, providing you with a comfortable home environment.


Beautiful Windows – Awning Window Design

Add Decors to your Exterior with 20 Awning Ideas | Home Design Lover

An awning window is quite popular in many offices and homes. This is due to their versatility and multifunctional design. Moreover, this uniquely designed window opens outwards using a gas-operated hinge or a manual one. Thus, saving plenty of indoor space. Furthermore, you can lock them to keep the window open and let in some air. An Awning window is suitable for using in kitchens, bathrooms, and garden-facing rooms.

Awning Windows | Modern window design, Windows, Window treatments

Jalousie or Louvre Window

Louvre Window Installation Tag | Architecture And Design

A Louvre window, also called Jalousie window, allows maximum airflow into the room. On the other hand, it is without having to compromise on privacy. The window is designed with panes called louvres made of different materials like glass, wood, metals etc. 

Louvre Window Designs – cigaretteromance

Beautiful Windows – Bow Window

Bow Window Elegance | Simonton Windows & Doors

A Bow window is a custom-made window that takes an angular shape. Further, we customize the frame to align with the shape of the walls and arrange the casements over it. In addition, we mainly design these for the exterior walls.

26 Beautiful Bow Window Ideas with Pros and Cons – Shelterness

Garden Window

20+ Captivating Window Garden Ideas for Home

A garden box window design is just the right type to satisfy your green thumb if you are a plant lover. Moreover, the 3D projected window creates a mini greenhouse for your plants. Further, it protects them from extreme weather conditions.

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If you are thinking of making a change in your house then maybe you should start with the windows. Whether you are planning to replace or upgrade them, some so many styles and designs will offer you the same quality. At the same time, they will add a fashionable look to your house.


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