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A bathroom should be neat and tidy. However, it need not be simply practical, especially if you enjoy creating a relaxing environment for yourself while taking mirror selfies or soaking in a bubble bath. You’ll be surprised at how much cozier the room feels once you add a comfy chair or some good window treatments. We have included a wide variety of bathroom ideas to help you design your own little sanctuary of luxury and pleasure. Whether you’re planning a small-scale update to the guest bathroom or a large overhaul of the master suite, you’ll find plenty of ideas here. Moreover, if you follow the advice of interior designers like Leanne Ford, Breegan Jane, and Toledo Geller, you may never want to leave your luxurious tub again.

And if you’re yearning for the specifics, we’ve got you covered with bathroom remodeling advice and how-to guides like tile installation. In little time at all, your bathroom will have a look that is uniquely yours.

Add Café Curtains

Bathroom interior ideas
café curtains (Source

Café curtains, like those used in this Massachusetts home by designer Cecilia Casagrande, allow privacy without blocking all light.

Incorporate a Curved Vanity to your Bathroom Design

Bathroom design ideas with curved vanity (Source

Designer Katie Ridder added a gentle flourish by installing a curved vanity with moldings in this powder room. Moreover, the blue wallpaper’s motion mirror in the door’s merlot lacquer, creating an intimate and comforting ambiance.

Make It Subtly Art Inspired

Subtly Art Inspired Bathroom design (Source

Instead of hanging pictures on the wall, you may go with statement-making floor tiles. Moreover, bathroom fixtures by designer Eneia White are black and white to reflect the owner’s taste in art. This floor tile was chosen because it was thought to resemble a work of art, the designer explains.

Don’t Overlook Sconces

Sconces for bathroom designing (Source

Not only can sconces provide soft lighting, but their aesthetic presence alone can make any bathroom feel more welcoming. Sconces give soothing lighting and make bathrooms more appealing. For whimsy and sophistication, designer Liz Caan hung gold flower-shaped sconces in the powder room.

Forgo a Basic Window

Basic window design for bathroom (Source

This bathroom, designed by Sarah Solis, features a nontraditional window shape in place of the standard square or rectangular option. It maintains the airiness of the area through the use of pedestal sinks and open shelving.

Make the Bathroom Design Double as a Library

Bathroom interior design based on a library (Source

This bathroom, designed by Corey Damen Jenkins, features a standalone tub and built-in bookcases—a match made in heaven for any reader who enjoys unwinding in the tub. Moreover, tiles reminiscent of Art Deco, Greek Revival columns and arches, and striking artwork breathe life into the intimate nook. Corey Damen Jenkins designed this bathroom with a solitary tub and built-in bookcases.Tiles reminiscent of Art Deco, Greek Revival columns and arches, and striking artwork breathe life into the intimate nook.

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