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We accumulate so many things during our lifetimes. It is a difficult job trying to find places to put it all. Rooms become jumbled and crowded with furniture and bits and pieces, while basements and lofts get full up with boxes of excess stuff. Sometimes, we want to create an office area or a peaceful reading space in our homes. But, there’s simply no room to fit such a luxury. However, keep in mind that there’s plenty of space under a staircase.

Before giving up your need or the wonderful idea you have to create a space for yourself or your loved ones, check out your stairs. They could be hiding the answer to your storage woes. Under the stairs is an area often containing wasted potential as far as storage and other uses are concerned. Let’s see what we can do with the space available there.

Create your own mini-library with a reading chair and bookshelves.

under-stair study
Stylish under-stair study (By Neville Johnson)

Extend your pantry cupboards to under the stairs.

pantry cupboards under the stairs
pantry cupboards under the stairs (By Extra Space Storage)

You could go for just a wine rack.

wine rack under the staircase
wine rack under the staircase (By wineware)

In an open plan home like this one, use the space under the stairs to make a display shelf for your treasures.

display shelf under the staircase
display shelf under the stairs (By Houzz)

If you’ve got an extra bedroom down in the basement you could make part of the bed fit under the stairs for more room.

bed under the staircase
bed under the staircase (By The Garden Granny)

Use the under the stairs space to hide your washing machine or dryer.

laundry under the staircase
laundry under the stairs (By Bob Vila)

Fashion a kids’ playhouse under the stairs.

playhouse under the stairs
playhouse under the stairs (By Bobbi Leach)

A mini bar may be the perfect fit for under the staircase.

mini bar under the staircase
mini bar under the stairs (by Decor Pad)

Create your office room under the staircase.

Office room (By porchlightinteriors)
Office room (By porchlightinteriors)

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If you are creative, then build a tranquil fountain under your staircase!

tranquil fountain
tranquil fountain under the stairs (By architectureartdesigns)

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