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Apple corporation is always creating new and sophisticated products. However, Its headquarters, known as “Apple Park,” must be their finest innovation.

The engineers of Apple park, created it with considerable care and attention to detail. However, its primary purpose was to foster creativity and collaboration. It also aimed to represent creator Steve Jobs’ complicated vision for the space.

Foster and Partners designed the Apple Park in the year 2014. It includes a fitness facility, acres of apricot orchards, and an energy plant. The circular structure represents a spacecraft. It has a capacity of 12000 employees and occupies an area of around 2.8 million square feet. It cost around 5 million US dollars. Apple believes that this structure will encourage more innovation.

Is the Apple park inspired by Nature?

Apple Park
Figure 1 Nature inspired Apple Park (Ekstorm. E, 2022)

Apple Corporation’s nature-centric strategy may appear to be a huge plus in terms of public relations. However, it is more scientific. Spending quality time outside to work, for example, can increase creative thinking and intelligence. 

The Apple Park is an excellent example of combining nature and architecture to achieve excellence. The landscaping of the park covers 5.9 million square feet and contains 6000 trees. According to Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, the offices and parklands intend to encourage their employees while also benefiting the environment. Moreover, The corporation built one of the world’s most energy-efficient buildings. The campus powers up by renewable energy.

You can read more details about combining architectural design with nature here:

California Landscape inspiration

According to CEO Tim Cook, Steve Jobs, the company’s founder, was inspired by the California landscape. Moreover, he firm thinks that being environmentally friendly will stimulate the company’s next generation of innovations.

Is Apple Park on the verge of becoming an icon?

Even though the Apple Park design appears to be a fantastic architectural invention, it has its flaws. The ring-shaped construction, according to Louise Mozingo, will make the campus difficult to navigate and unproductive. Apple park’s goal is to not “increasing productivity”. It’s all about creating an iconic headquarters for Apple.

Steve Job’s insights on the Pre-construction process

Apple park
Figure 2: Steve Job’s insight on Apple park (Mahdi. M, 2021)

Steve Jobs understood exactly what kind of wood he wanted rather than merely saying, “I prefer maple or oak, it had to be quarter cut”, along with many other matters. This was according to architect Stefan Behling. Moreover, it surprised the architects of the project completely.

Steve Jobs was the one who came up with most of the amazing ideas regarding the campus. He realized at one point that this endeavor would not be a cost-effective option. However, he believed that the possible advantages would surpass the costs. “I think the overall sense of the venue is going to be a thousand times better,” he said precisely.

The Apple Park might be one of the company’s most intriguing creations yet. Its all thanks to its combination of scientific architecture and innovative aesthetic decisions.

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