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ADUs have a huge potential to influence the housing market in California. It’s safe to say that ADUs are transformative with the rate the accessory dwelling units (ADUs) have been influencing the housing market as well as the seemingly never-ending affordable housing crisis.

Building an ADU can change the way you use your livable space and also increase it. 

On the other hand, it can also change your financials. The return on investment or ROI that renting the ADU out can have is worth considering. An ADU is capable of offering you excellent annual ROI, whether it is a backyard cottage for yourself or friends and family.

Sometimes, the cost of additional taxes plus the investing costs might go beyond the annual returns and the tax benefits. But, that doesn’t mean that ADU’s are only worth investing in if you are using them for rental income.

ADU Design Ideas | Mother-In-Law Suite

The most common term used for ADUs is granny flats or mother-in-law units. That’s because they offer an excellent chance for multigenerational living. This is known as aging in place. You can move your parents or in-laws in with you rather than letting them stay in their own homes or go into assisted living facilities. Then, you won’t have to sacrifice either your privacy or their independence.

ADU design
Mother-In-Law Suite (Source

Normally a mother-in-law suite is a single-story one-bedroom unit. It sometimes can be a studio which is cleverly using the available space. Some of the main features of these types of units are:

  • The ability to access – that includes no stairs, an open concept kitchen and living room, non-slip floors, etc.
  • Walk-in showers which are spacious
  • Remote control systems – such as the thermostat and security systems)

These make the ADU more versatile and make life easier for the elderly. In future, when your elderly loved ones are no longer with you, you can put the ADU to good use. You could rent it out or use it as a guest house or even move in other family members.

Guest or Pool House

ADUs located separately or detached from the main house offer a great chance to make a guest house (or even a pool house if you have a pool in your backyard). When it comes to ADU guest houses, the main advantage is that they are distanced from the main house and offer privacy to both you and your guests.

Guest house or pool
Guest house and pool (Source

For relatives and friends who plan on staying longer than a few days ADU guest houses are great. This is since a pull-out couch or a guest room might not be the best solution in those situations. On the other hand, the versatility of any ADU unit is one of the significant benefits.

Luxury ADU (For Getaways, Staycations, and Visiting Family Members)

Luxury ADUs became more popular due to global events that turned traveling into a greater luxury than ever. Over the last two years, it was proved beneficial to have a secluded space, away from your home, where you can take a staycation. It’s a “home away from home”. It lets you experience vacation vibes without actually going anywhere. 

Luxury ADU designs
Luxury ADU (Source

These types of ADUs can increase your property value. This is mainly because, although travel bans are no longer in place, the global pandemic made all of us realize just how valuable these “staycation properties” are.

Multifunctional Home Offices

ADU designs / home offices
ADU designs with multifunctional home offices (Source

If you need a bit of extra space for your home office, then opting for a studio-style ADU might be the best idea. When you no longer need that home office, you can rent it out.

A studio ADU allows you to turn your extra living space into an office. You have the freedom to rent it out. That is an excellent option for the people who don’t think having tenants in their yard 24/7 is comfortable.


Yoga, Music or Gym Studios

You know just how hard it was to maintain a business during a global pandemic If you’re a small business owner who offers products or services to others. ADUs were a good answer to those lucky enough to have them on their property. They allowed people to create their studios. They can be yoga, music, or gym studios. You could still have a profitable business.

ADU designs with gym
ADU gym design (Source

Opting for a studio design could potentially make your ADU a more attractive piece of real estate to potential renters looking for spaces where they can hold classes or offer their services.

Cedar Dwellings: the Safest Investment

Cedar Dwellings
Cedar Dwellings (Source

Comfort and style are combined here at Cedar Dwellings to create the ideal contemporary coastal-inspired ADU. That will increase the value of your home and your life.

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