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The charms of Parisian bathroom décor ideas never disappoint you. They celebrate grandeur and ornamentation. At the same time, they have a relaxed and lived-in feel.


Parisian bathroom décor features shine in negative spaces. These interiors are airy and not crowded. Therefore, focal points have the room to stand out and not competing with a cluster of other objects.

The rich detail in Parisian bathroom schemes originate from original moldings, decorative plasterwork and ceiling medallions, parquet flooring in geometric patterns, and shapely suspension lighting. Luxury bathroom ideas are also typical of the look, and these are often ornate and sizeable in proportions.

They include a white backdrop as a key feature. Elegant features, furniture and accessories are showcased against walls. The walls are clean and pristine. They also reflect maximum light from the tall windows.

Parisian bathroom decor is elegant and charming without any doubt. High ceilings, marble fixtures, ornate moldings, monochromatic color schemes and herringbone parquet which are features of Parisian Bathrooms are assets for your modern bathroom. 

Read and you can discover the features of Parisian bathroom décor ideas and how to introduce it to your bathing space.


Parisian bathroom with luxurious design
Parisian bathroom with luxurious design (Source home-designing.)

Create and environment for relaxing and rejuvenating in your Parisian bathroom with luxurious ideas for five-star pampering. Simple yet elegant settings together with the beautiful wall painting mixed with time-worn antiques, can channel the laid-back chic of an exclusive country spa hotel. 

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2.        LET IN LIGHT

bathroom natural lighting
bathroom natural lighting (Source Pella Windows)

With the use of a lot of glass you can create a space which will give you the feeling of liberation. They bring in a lot of light and also bring in the outdoors. The use of mirrors adds glamour and they make a room appear more spacious. They also reflect light and amplify the mix of textures to make the room sing.


Vintage Parisian style bathroom
Vintage Parisian style bathroom (Source Impressive Interior Design)

Antique and vintage storage is worth considering for its uniqueness and capacity to ground a stark space even though they are not often associated with modern bathrooms, . Choosing time-worn furniture can serve to soften the crisp ‘newness’ of cold sanitary-ware and hard surfaces.


Marble bathroom design
Marble bathroom design (source

When you are playing with shape and scale, it can intensify the impact of marble in a small space. With the use of the same large format slabs on the floor and bath surround, it has visually boosted the surface area. The change in pace draws the eye inwards and makes the look more memorable.


Bespoke bathroom
Bespoke bathroom (source Bath Bespoke)

Parisian designers adore bespoke fittings. Built-in storage is streets ahead of freestanding, especially when it comes to making the most of every inch. Commissioning made-to-measure storage is especially worthwhile. This is if you have wonky walls or unusual angles that simply will not accommodate the standard sizes of off-the-shelf furniture. 

Built-in storage has the ability to improve the shape of a small bathroom. They can straighten out awkward corners to create a cleaner, more linear space.  

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