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Starting your own small garden inside your ADU doesn’t have to be daunting. Start as small as you like with a windowsill garden. These space-saving ideas are just right for a modest ADU indoor garden.

You can plant herbs or any other plant you like in pots of various heights. You can keep them on your kitchen windowsill. Because of different levels of the pots, the plants are all beautifully visible. If they are herbs, you can easily approach them when you need them for your cooking.

Suspended Style

suspended style small indoor garden
suspended style small indoor garden (Source Next Luxury)

To add a unique design element to your home, it would be a beautiful idea to mix classic potted plants with a contemporary hanging planter. Try hanging it on the wall between a pair of large windows. Otherwise you can suspend it next to a bright window ledge.

Like a Log

Small garden
plants in a hollowed-out trunk (Source Decoratorist)

You can bring inside the charm of a hollowed-out trunk. Use a bit of your creativity. They will add beauty and natural charm. If you are worried about the flaking bark, decay, and bugs that come with the real thing, you can get these artificial barks from the shops.

Shades of Green

Small garden for ADU
Small garden for ADU with shades of green (Source

There is one tried-and-true secrets of household storage. That is when you can’t build out, build up. In other words, you can fit more in a small room by utilizing the vertical space that is automatically available.

You can use shelves like these made out of Bamboo. They save space and they are eco friendly as well.

Mix Greens for a small garden

Mixed small garden plants
Mixed plants for interior (Source Gardening Know How)

When the space available is small in your ADU, you can have shelves which will not take a lot of space. You can have different shades of green planted in various pots, kept on these racks. The racks can be made using bamboo, rattan or any other natural material.

This is a Stick-Up

Glass Window Shelves
Glass Window Shelves (Source Apartment Therapy)

Another beautiful idea you can utilize as a small garden in your ADU is the glass shelves. By using glass along the window sill or the window, you are not interrupting the natural light coming through the window. You are connected with the outside and enjoying the beauty of plants at the same time, while saving space.

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