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A personalized peaceful room is essential for a teenage girl. It might be the only place where they truly express their individual tastes. Band posters and lava lamps no longer cut it for intelligent youngsters obsessed with modern design.

As a parent you can assist your child construct the space of their dreams. The creative concepts in the following teenage girl bedroom ideas will be a guide.

1. A Simple Loft Space

simple Loft Space
simple Loft Space (By Homes & Gardens)

If your idea is a cool bedroom for a teenage girl then a simple attic bedroom can give your teenager an opportunity to make the space her own. Moreover, you can add in a few LED lights, have a stylish floor bed and give her the reins to be creative and add her own style to her loft bedroom.

2.     Add Grown Up Wall Decals

Room with Grown Up Wall Decals
Room with Grown Up Wall Decals (From

Wall decals are not just for young children. A simple wall decoration, such as this, in a teenage girl’s room, can make a cool impression.

You can add a few decorative pillows. Use them on a bed, sofa, or chair for a softer, more fashionable look. However, these can be changed time and time again with different pillow covers.

3.     Added Organization and Storage

Room with Organized Closet
Room with Organized Closet (By HGTV)

A lot of teenage girls have a lot of belongings, from jewelry to make-up products to various knick-knacks. Therefore, they collect these over the years and they always seem to have cluttered spaces. However, with the help of some new shelves around their study table/dressing table and shelving units, your teen will be able to enjoy a presentable and clutter-free bedroom.

4.     Focus on the Windows

girls bedroom with windows
girls bedroom with windows (By HGTV)

Each room will have a different number and size of windows or glass doors. You can take advantage of this in your teenagers’ room to create a resting/reading area for her. This window brings in natural light and creates a distinct atmosphere. It will evoke positive vibes in your girls heart every day.

It also provides a fantastic view of whatever is beyond the window. However, you can add a curtain which you can use at the night to give her a good rest.

5.     White with a Splash of Bright

White bed room with a Splash of Bright
White bed room with a Splash of Bright pink (By Home Stratosphere)

Bright walls are forever in style when it comes to house interiors. This is because they are the ideal backdrop for accent colors and artwork. In this teen bedroom, the vibrant pillows add interest to the entire room without making it look cramped up because of the white background.

If you’re looking for unique paint ideas for your teenage girl’s bedroom, you could try using Frog Tape plus your imagination to create playful designs. Then, it will be a unique creation. This is also a great option if you are on a budget.

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6.     A Bright Space to Work

White Bright Bedroom
White Bright Bedroom (By MyDomaine)

Teenagers tend to have a lot of homework or studying to do. This is especially as they get closer to their exams. Therefore, they need to have a bright working space where they can concentrate and do their best work. Even in small rooms, you can incorporate a working station that can also serve as a make-up station. Therefore, make sure that it is positioned in a place where your teenager feels like sitting down to do her studying.

7.     Simple and Charming 

Simple and Charming room
Simple and Charming room (By My Decorative)

In this teen’s room, small details like fairy lights and one elegant yet simple wall art is used to create an inviting atmosphere. However, they aren’t overpowering, and the room has a cute and balanced feel without being overcrowded with too many things. Therefore, if you’re looking for a minimalistic look with a touch of character, this is an excellent design to use.

8.     Contemporary and Elevated Bedroom

Music-Themed Bedroom
Music-Themed Bedroom (By Home Decor Bliss)

Older teens having developed a refined sense of taste can be extremely difficult to please when it comes to décor ideas. They tend to expect more modern and sophisticated designs in their own space. Furthermore, a color combination and designs like this can make the space appear more sophisticated.

When you add house plants they bring in a touch of resiliency to the space. Several bright colors help to keep the space feeling fresh and vibrant. This works just as well for colors such as turquoise, blue, and purple.

9.     A Bust Wall of Art

Unique wall art for a girl's  bedroom
Unique wall art for a girl’s bedroom (By

There is a fine line between being overcrowded and being fashionable when deciding to create a busy wall. Moreover, finding items and prints that are complementary in terms of size, shape, and color is very important in pulling this look together. If the selections are done carefully the appearance will become fantastic. When you add wall art, you can swap or chance them, instead of trying to find wall paper or color the wall.

10. A Splash of Pink Prints

bedroom design with  pink print
bedroom design with pink print on wall (From Pinterest)

With this concept, you can design a romantic teen girl’s bedroom which will bring elegance as well as beauty to her room. You will have to remember not to make the room too childlike or squirmy. however, these curtains with a different design can add sophistication to the room.

Modern design elements, such as a desk area, a television mounted on the wall, matching bedcovers, and floor-length curtains, contribute to the creation of an inviting and playful atmosphere.

11.  Brick Effect Wallpaper

Brick Effect Wallpaper
Brick Effect Wallpaper (From Pinterest)

Creating an accent wall out of a completely different material, such as brick, to give a room a distinct texture is a great way to really make a room stand out from the rest. Moreover, this can add a vintage feeling to the space too.

The important thing to remember is that a teenager likes to feel as though they have a grown-up space that they can retreat to. However, these ideas and add up some more of yours to give a beautiful room to your little lady.

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