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With all the changes that occurred all around the globe, there’s an urgent need for proper study table at home. In the long run, lying on the bed and working or studying on your laptop is not ideal. You might develop back pain that would stay with you forever.

The best step is to make some urgent changes in your bedroom to include some space-saving, functional study table design. With these modular bedroom/study room interior solutions, you will solve all your work-from-home or study-from-home woes. On the other hand, even if you are not working remotely, having a study area in your bedroom can be super-efficient, especially in small houses with space issues. Therefore, it is time to explore some elegant, practical and space saving study tables for bedroom ideas.

1. A Simple Study Table Design

You can make some arrangements and place your bed on one side of your bedroom, attached to the wall. Then arrange the study area right next to your bed. Place the desk on the wall side to keep the place uncluttered and neat. In order to add more simplicity, you can couple up this study unit with a simple bucket chair and a floating shelf unit, as shown.

Simple Study Table
Simple Study Table Design (From Pinterest)

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2. TV Unit with Study Table

A TV unit has moved in to most bedrooms. This might take some space in the room. The best idea is to go for this TV unit with an attached study table design in the bedroom. This unit is compact, wall-mounted and multifunctional. You can save more space with a bucket chair for the study table. This unit is excellent for study table design in small bedrooms. The white laminated finish of the TV-cum-study unit adds to the room’s neat design idea.

TV unit and study table
TV unit and study table (From Pinterest)

3.    A Hidden Study Table Design

For the lover of foldable furniture, this design is ideal. The study desk remains hidden in plain sight. It doesn’t interrupt the room’s clutter-free interiors when the table is not being used. This modular and super space-saving study unit can be great for young couples who like to keep the interiors non-bulky and straightforward.

Hidden Study Table Design
Hidden Study Table Design (Ideal Home)

4.    A Small and Savvy Table Corner

A hefty study table design might not be the idea in many of your thoughts, especially in bedrooms. Therefore, you can go for a small study corner that won’t take up much space in your bedroom. It will keep things subtle.

A Small and Savvy Study Table
A Small and Savvy Study Table (By Design Cafe)

5.    A Separate desk Section with a Wall-Mounted Unit

Some of you might love having a separate study section inside your bedroom. If you can opt for this kind of a design, you won’t need much space in the bedroom. In addition, you can use the upper side of the wall by fixing racks or shelves for your books. A bucket chair for the study table will help save more space.

Modern Wall-Mounted Desk
Modern Wall-Mounted Desk (By Homedit)

 6.    A desk with a Functional Unit

This design is one of the trendiest bedroom designs with this multifunctional unit. The bedroom’s USP is the study unit designed in the alcove. The study unit pushes back into the alcove when not in use. It consists with overhead cabinets. There are storage shelves at the bottom. The study unit saves a lot of space with its multifunctional shelves and cabinets. It lets you keep the room neat and well organized.

Desk Design with a Functional
Desk Design with a Functional (Times of India)

7.    Bookshelf-Cum-Study Table

Bookshelves are significant assets for any home owner. They tend to take up space, especially when the home space is small. So, if you are battling with space issues and can’t find a way to have both a study unit and bookshelf, there are options. This bookshelf unit comes with storage cabinets at the bottom and an attached study desk unit. The study table extends from the bookshelf. Therefore, it creates an intelligent modular furniture choice for bedrooms. The study unit can include a floating overhead storage shelf, which will keep things clutter-free in the room.

Desk with book shelf
Desk with book shelf (by Design Cafe)

8.   Wardrobe with an Attached Study Table Design

Wardrobes in bedrooms are the actual furniture units. But It is not a secret that they require a lot of space, especially if you are going for a wall-length, floor-to-ceiling wardrobe design. Hence, having an extra place for a study table may not be practical. You can include both a wardrobe and a desk with this kind of design in bedrooms.

As you can see, the wardrobe takes up all the significant portion of the room. Therefore, this table design in the bedroom idea can be great for rooms with small space.

Wardrobe with an Attached  desk
Wardrobe with an Attached desk (From Pinterest)

9.    Low-Height Study Table

Sometimes bedrooms don’t have enough height. Therefore, you must select the interiors as per the dimensions of the room. A low-ceiling bedroom cannot afford to have tall furniture units since the room will appear cramped. In order to make the room look spacious, the best possible thing is to go with stout furniture choices. A low-height desk is a beautiful and a practical solution. This kind of bedroom should include fewer furniture pieces to keep the room clean and spacious.

Low-Height Study desk
Low-Height Study desk (By The Architecture Designs)

10.    A Modern Bedroom with a TV Unit and a Peppy desk

For this kind of a peppy, upbeat bedroom design you have to go for quirky furniture units. The wall length, floor-to-ceiling TV unit with a desk that fits right in the room is the better choice. This desk design is also a space-saving choice. It would be great for bedrooms with contemporary interiors.

TV Unit and a Peppy Study desk
TV Unit and a Peppy Study desk (By onceyonce)

Now that you have decoded all the possible study table designs in bedrooms, you can save space and make work/study from home more productive and ergonomic. But always remember to go with the flow of the room and choose a design that suits your room’s style.

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