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The vocabulary around stairs, like the way we talk about steps, is extremely meaningful. Ascension, decline, rise, step, levels—all of these terms relate with a trip, development, and growth. Not just in terms of the physical act, but also in terms of the emotional and spiritual connotations of journeying.

When entering a home, one of the biggest focal points are the stairs. Staying on top of the trends of staircase means you can not only go for the best look possible, but can assist you in setting the tone of your home.

It is very important to know the different parts of the staircase. This allows you to pick specific characteristics of designs that appeal to you. Staircase styles will look very different, but the names of the parts are all the same.

Parts of a Staircase
Parts of a staircase (

When it comes to types and designs of staircases, the choices are unique, ranging from floating and cantilevered treads to glass panels replacing the traditional balustrades,. There are also a great variety of materials in modern staircase designs. These materials vary from metal, wire and glass to concrete, bamboo and custom wood creations.

Give it a twist – The Modern Spiral Staircase

modern spiral stairs
Modern spiral staircase (De Santis, A. 2021)

This is a major design feature as well as a real space saver. In fact, these types of staircases were specifically invented to save space. A modern spiral staircase can be made with a custom spiral and full-size treads.

Your staircase can be the star of the show if you select the correct shape as well as an on-trend dramatic color.

For instance, a dark oil color is an unusual choice for a staircase but it definitely inserts an instant, modern impact. From a practical point of view, this will be useful for hiding everyday dirt in this high-traffic area.

Old is Gold – Modern Farmhouse Staircase

With farmhouse décor still being a trend, it’s no wonder that modern farmhouse staircase design evolved into some pretty slick options.

Most of these staircases are done in black, white and natural wood tones. A modern farmhouse staircase usually includes metal balustrades and railing as well as natural wood treads. In this design, the trend for having horizontal balusters is also popular.

Light up your way – The Modern Glass staircase

The desire for more open feeling in the home has led people to select the modern glass staircase design. People like these types of staircase because they create a wide-open view. There are no obstructions. A modern glass staircase also lets light travel throughout the space thus making it feel larger. Glass is one of the easiest surfaces to maintain simply because there is no need to paint or stain it.

Glass staircase
The Modern Glass staircase (archiexpo, 2022)

Moreover, since today’s tempered glass is durable and doesn’t crack and break, it’s pet- and kid-friendly because there are no gaps to slip through or get stuck in.

Juggle with space – Alternating Tread Staircase

The alternating tread staircase lies somewhere between a loft ladder and a regular staircase. These types of staircases have room for one foot on a step at a time. They are climbed just like regular stairs, but they are half the width of a typical tread.

Alternating Tread Staircase
Alternating Tread Staircase (Ganea, S. 2015)

These are super/multi-functional simply as they are usually combined with shelving or closed storage to maximize space. They also look very, very cool.

Living in a Dream – Floating Staircase

This is a variation of a straight staircase. A floating staircase usually consists of treads with no risers. The treads of this type of staircase is attached to the wall in a way that the support is invisible, or at least minimally visible. In some instances, a floating appearance can be gained through glass or plexiglass risers.

Modern floating staircase
Floating staircase (

The material used is often metal, glass or stone. It is a contemporary look that often foregoes handrails, although you can opt for glass safety without sacrificing the open feeling.

Rough beauty – Concrete Staircases

Concrete Staircases
Concrete Staircases (Lastauskaitė. K,)

Concrete is a trademark of industrial decors. On the other hand, it suits really well a variety of modern and contemporary spaces.

One might imagine these types of staircase to look rugged and harsh. But they do not. This is especially because they curve around the wall and have this beautiful decorative wall doubling as a railing.

A Gift of Nature – Organic Staircase

Organic Staircase
Organic Staircase ( team, 2016)

These novel creations have a very organic, flowing design and it makes use of natural wood which gives it a warm and welcoming look.

Tiny Assistant – Ladder Staircase

Ladder Staircase
Ladder Staircase (contemporist, 2016)

A ladder staircase is ideal for householders living in small houses or apartments. But, these typically cannot be the main staircase but works well for tiny homes.

A Cozy Storehouse – Storage Staircase

Storage Staircase
Storage Staircase (Bergmann. B, 2022)

This is an excellent idea for compact tiny homes and narrow areas. This is all about being creative. Storage stairs are another space-saving solution. When properly executed, they look pretty smart too.

Installing a set of stairs that doesn’t take up a lot of space is not losing out on style points. Choose floating stairs for an artistic, minimalist look. Go for ladder stairs and storage staircases for narrow space. And lastly, you can construct classic L-shaped, or spiral stairs for a beautiful way to move between floors.

Stay with for the latest updates to brighten up your dream home!!!

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