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A Teenager needs home space. It’s not just any space that they require. They need their own multi-functional corner of the world. It should be a space where they can sleep, study, chill out, hang with friends and, completely escape from it all as per their need.

All you need is a fresh coat of paint, a new comforter, or even a few new cool accessories. These things can completely transform your son’s room into a functional and comfortable retreat he’ll be proud of.

California Cool

This classic bedroom which includes a California flag and a graphic sunset over water is ideal for your energetic teenager. An unfinished wood accent wall is the perfect backdrop for bright wall art in this teen bedroom. The overall look is laid back. But, it is vibrant.

home space for a teenage boy
home space with a cool looking bedroom for a teenage boy (Source

Study Nook

With a desk, a filing cabinet and plenty of shelving, one wall of this teen bedroom is totally dedicated to storage and studying. You can use open shelves to store books and a few prized items (trophies, favorite childhood toys). This will help you keep your teen’s room looking tidy.  Closed bins can be used to stash other items.

teen boy bedroom with study
teen boy’s bedroom with study table (Source

Bold Stripes

Stripes are always a good choice for a teen’s bedroom. If you want to bring out drama in this space, vertical striped wallpaper brings height and will serve the purpose. The blue bedding and trunk, and green area rug, add some welcome color, together with a classic yet playful appearance.

Teen Boy’s room with line designs (Source

Dark and Dramatic

Dramatic, deep, black walls are a good starting point for a bedroom when your teen is energetic and dramatic. In order to keep the room from looking like a cave, you can incorporate crisp, white accents, like the pillow shams and monogram wall decor seen in this space. To add just the right amount of color, you can use neon yellow nightstands flanking the bed.

Click here to find some of the coolest black bedroom interior ideas:

dark and dramatic  teen boy bedroom
dark and dramatic teen boy bedroom (Source Pinterest)

Rustic Meets Modern

With plank-style accent walls, this space feels a bit like a rustic summer camp bunk room. On the other hand, modern furnishings are used for the rest of the room. A sleek, built-in desk adds a jolt of sunny yellow to the space. The blue bedding brings a sense of calmness.

Rustic Modern bedroom
Rustic Modern bedroom for a teenage boy (Source

Attic Retreat for teen boy’s home space

Attics make great rooms for teens because they offer the much needed privacy for them. Their sloped ceilings can make them feel a little small. But with a vertical ombre lacquer wall finish, this space seems taller and more spacious. A daybed in plush, blue fabric provides a spot for sleeping or lounging.

Attic bedroom
Attic bedroom (Source MYMOVE)

Budget-Friendly Wall Art for a great teen boy’s home space

Store-bought wall decor can be pricey. A teenager’s tastes can change quickly. You can always get creative when decorating your teen’s room and use things you already have. This space features a colorful wall display made up of colorful and vibrant Frisbees. It’s just a matter of using your imagination.

cheap wall art teen boy bedroom
cheap wall art teen boy bedroom (Source

Color Blocking

This is a color-blocked wall in white and blue. It adds visual interest to this otherwise understated room. You can get creative with paint treatments since it is an easy, budget-friendly way to liven up a teen’s room.

color-blocked wall
color-blocked wall for teen boy’s home space (Source

Bursts of Color

If your teen has a favorite color, you can use that on several accent pieces in his room. A bold Kelly-green desk chair and accessories together with pillow cases really pop against the crisp white walls in this modern teen’s room.

colourful bedroom for teen boys
colourful bedroom for teen boys (Source

Major League Style

Take a cue from this incredible space and create an outdoor atmosphere inside your teen’s room. This space is designed for a major baseball fan. Pillows made from the jerseys of his three favorite players top the bed. A spectacular mural puts you right inside Yankee Stadium. The rug intensifies the feeling of the outdoor atmosphere.

Major League Style teen boy bedroom
Major League Style teen boy bedroom (Source Pinterest)

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