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Colorful Bedroom Ideas
Colorful Bedroom Ideas (Source Pinterest)

When we consider the ideas for a bedroom for a lady, there are so many different bedroom ideas. It can be overwhelming when you try to pick out your own. Let’s check some bedroom color ideas for women that can work in any room.

Beach Bedrooms
Beach Bedrooms (Source Pinterest)

White for the bedroom for a lady

White is classic. It goes with everything. The newest trend is to paint one wall white. Afterwards, you can use another accent color on another partition or around the room for contrast. It is perfect if your walls aren’t entirely straight. When you like the look of a tufted headboard but don’t want to make holes in your wall, painting an accent wall works exceptionally well. This is since you can easily attach an upholstered headboard right to the wall. Then you won’t need visible screws or bolts.

Accent wall colors
Accent wall colors (Source Pinterest)
White bedroom ideas
White bedroom ideas (Source Country Living Magazine)


Grey is the new neutral. A grey bedroom used to be thought of as a ‘manly’ decoration color. But, now it’s becoming more prevalent in interior design. If you are looking for an understated bedroom color scheme in your room design, this may work well for you. This color is one of those colors that can go with anything. At the same time, it isn’t too bold or bright. Even if the walls are busy with texture, this color will also give stillness to your room. There are so many colors out there. So it is overwhelming choosing just one. You can try with lighter greys in the bedroom. Then you can easily transition into deeper tones when paired skilfully. This is beautiful next to deep blues or greens. That is later when you want your color scheme to be bolder.

Bedroom walls
Bedroom walls (Source PS Group)
Gorgeous bedroom ideas
Gorgeous bedroom ideas (Source Monte Carmo Shopping)


Gorgeous bedrooms
Gorgeous bedrooms (Source Good Housekeeping)

Blue is the new black. It has always been a popular color for a bedroom. At the same time, it can sometimes be considered as girlish or babyish. However, there are some versatile shades out there that may not make you feel like that. You can try a deeper shade of blue mixed with gray for a sleek and modern look. If you prefer brighter colors in your bedroom, try an electric shade of blue. It will pop against white or neutral walls.

Bedroom wall murals
Bedroom wall murals (Source TenStickers)


Greens are most restful. When you are pairing it with black and brown furnishings, it is perfect. At the same time, it will minimize any harshness they may have. This is because these two colors can complement each other. You can try a deep shade of green on the wall behind your bed. This is beautiful if you usually keep it unadorned. It can also work well for accent walls in your bedroom where you want the focal point to be something else. You can also paint just one wall green. This is to add visual interest without overwhelming your room.

Light green bedrooms
Light green bedrooms (Source
Green walls
Green walls (Source Poster Store)

Black – for the bedroom for a lady

Black is versatile. At the same time, black is almost the new white. There is so much negative press surrounding black. They say that it’s too hard to maintain or too harsh on the eyes. But you need to remember that even bedrooms need color. On the other hand, some rooms like bathrooms may benefit from this dark hue. This is mainly because they see more wear and tear than other parts of our homes.

Black bedroom ideas for you
Black bedroom ideas for you (Source Pinterest)
Bedding ideas
Bedding ideas (Source Pinterest)

You can go ahead and paint your bedroom black if it can work in your space. However, you need to avoid using the same color for the furniture throughout your bedroom. The reason is since this black will feel very monochromatic. At the same time, it could make a smaller room look even smaller than it is. If you choose to use black in only one accent wall, select pieces in another color, preferably white. Hence, your room doesn’t come across as too harsh or busy.

Bedroom inspiration
Bedroom inspiration (Source Pinterest)
Red in Veranda
Red in Veranda (Source Pinterest)

Always try finding one neutral base and contrasting accent colors will make the whole room feel cohesive and exciting at the same time.

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